Integrate text mining with BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot

Linguamatics provides components for BIOVIA (formerly Accelrys) Pipeline Pilot workflow software, to enable high throughput text mining & text analytics.

Linguamatics I2E Pipeline Pilot Components help you integrate the powerful text mining capabilities of I2E into your scientific workflow effectively.

Each organization has its own way of working to fulfil its business needs. A workflow is built up to reflect these business processes and tools are put in place to support them.  I2E Pipeline Pilot Components enable you to include agile NLP-based querying in a scientific workflow developed using BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot.

Using I2E Pipeline Pilot Components within your workflow makes text analytics available to a wider range of users, enabling them to easily perform complex text mining operations on large numbers of documents, extracting critical knowledge to support business decisions.


  • Enables your workflow to support faster and better business decisions using agile high performance text mining and text analytics
  • Easy integration into your overall workflow
  • Get up and running quickly. 'Out of the box' examples provided
  • Easily customize to your own needs
  • Allows I2E to be integrated with your other business applications

Please read our I2E Pipeline Pilot Components Datasheet.

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