I2E 5.2

Helping you discover more, faster than ever before.

I2E 5.2 is the first release following our switch to a shorter release cycle: we are aiming to release new features and capability four times a year to bring the benefits to customers sooner. I2E 5.2 includes some great improvements to the platform that benefit people who run searches, end users and API developers, along with the usual bug fixes and overall improvements.

Find Indexes and Queries

For indexes and queries, the interface can provide access to dozens or hundreds of items and our Connected Data Technology enables locally stored data and remote, or cloud-based data, to be combined together.

I2E 5.2 presents the I2E Pro user with a global index tree and a global query tree (figure 1): all items are present in the respective tree and so browsing around it is much easier. In addition, I2E 5.2 includes the ability to Find Indexes and Queries. There is a search box at the top of each tree: when you start to type in this box, the global tree will dynamically filter the view to only show those indexes that match your search by name (figure 2).

Find indexes, find queries

Figure 1 Indexes and Queries are now contained in a single tree view for each type.

Example of finding an index

Figure 2 Typing within the Index searchbox will dynamically filter the view to those items matching the inserted search string.

Improved HTML Output

The HTML results generated by I2E 5.2 have had a refresh! Making it easier for you to quickly review your results and show more advanced options when you need them.

Figure 3 An example of the new HTML output

Faster Class Matching

Customers are increasingly running I2E searches via web portals and other custom interfaces, which combine a simple web interface with the power of Terminologies and Smart Queries.
I2E 5.2 sees an increase of 500% in the speed of class matching across all interfaces including I2E Pro, I2E Express and in portals.

Figure 4 Class matches are now returned more quickly, whilst retaining the relevant class information. The changes are on the server side so class matches via the API are also much faster, improving the interactivity of I2E web portals