I2E 5.2.1

I2E 5.2.1 is the second release following our switch to a quarterly release cycle, so that user get the benefits of new features and capabilities sooner. I2E 5.2.1 includes a mix of new features designed to improve your use of the software, whether you build queries, create indexes or develop text mining applications that use I2E. 

Improvements for I2E Pro Users

The ability to embed a query into another query was added in I2E 5.1 and this has allowed query developers to streamline their query by encapsulating different parts of their search strategy into different, simpler, queries. We have built on that in I2E 5.2.1 by adding a Hierarchy View (Figure 1) to show how queries are embedded:

Query Hierarchy View

Figure 1 Query Hierarchy view allows you to see how queries are embedded. It also allows you to perform simple operations on those sub-queries.

There is a new Query Item available to I2E Pro users: And. It is very useful for setting up a document co-occurrence of terms where that document co-occurrence is an alternative to something else. An example of this could be trying to find documents mentioning asthma sufferers: you can now create an alternative of “asthmatic”, “suffers from asthma” or “asthma in-the-same-document-as patient”.

Under the hood optimizations in I2E 5.2.1 mean that I2E Pro is more responsive, particularly when you have big queries or many items in your Index or Query Trees.

Improvements for Index Builders

The default mode for processing documents has been overhauled in I2E 5.2.1 to make it more powerful and to support a wider range of document types. These improvements simplify the process of handling large sets of heterogeneous documents: great for dealing with your internal document collections.

Improvements for Developers

The And item (mentioned above) is included in the updated version of EASL, which means that search patterns built for other tools can be more easily translated into an I2E query.

Building on the successful launch of our Developer Program last year, I2E 5.2.1 is available via a Docker image to help with the development of tools to integrate with the I2E platform.