I2E AMP: Asynchronous Messaging Pipeline

Manage real-time processing of healthcare and life science documents to support information extraction and semantic enrichment workflows

As the need for extracting insights from textual documents at the enterprise scale grows, Natural Language Processing (NLP) must plug into Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) in a fault-tolerant and scalable way.

I2E AMP is an Asynchronous Messaging Pipeline component that provides workflow management for high-throughput, fault tolerant, real-time document or record processing.

I2E AMP supports systems that require a high level of availability and deal with server issues and large data loads via RESTful Web Services. AMP is an enabler that allows I2E to plug into SOA environments and other complex programmatic processes by allocating management of query and indexing tasks across multiple I2E servers and CPUs.

I2E AMP supports the following real-time application areas:

  • Population scale screening for early signs of cancer, e.g. pulmonary nodules
  • Clinical document improvement to extract patient profiles, including behavioral and social factors
  • Semantic enrichment workflows to extract key concepts from journal papers and patents
  • Text Extract, Transform Load (ETL) and ELT processes to load text mining results into a data warehouse from a data lake or other document store.

Download the datasheet below to learn more about how I2E AMP addresses the NLP text mining and ETL requirements of organizations from small office, mid-sized department, to large healthcare system or biopharma. Or contact us for more information.

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