I2E Web Portals: Effective natural language processing text mining for your data silos

The challenge of searching data silos

In the pharmaceutical industry, critical information is often “locked away” in textual reports within data silos. Enterprise search tools can provide some access, but the issue with keyword search is search recall and precision are low, and the user has considerable work to do once the results are returned in order to gain any actionable insight.

How can information be searched effectively?

Natural language processing (NLP) can overcome this challenge by extracting structured facts from unstructured documents. Linguamatics I2E Web Portals provides effective, easy-to-use access to powerful, NLP-based text mining, to empower a broad base of users—access that can be tailored to suit specific business needs across life science and healthcare organizations. With I2E Web Portals, custom search interfaces give end-users effortless access to deep NLP capabilities, right from their web browser.

I2E Web Portals:

  • provides I2E text-mining power to a wide range of users, quickly extracting relevant data with higher recall and precision;
  • offers a user-friendly interface, customizable for your organization;
  • allows both internal and public domain data to be covered in a single search.

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