iScite is an award-winning breakthrough innovation in scientific search, putting the precision and power of Linguamatics AI based text analytics directly into the hands of scientists.

The challenges of scientific search

Are you spending too much time trawling through documents searching for the right information? According to IDC, knowledge workers spend an average of 8.8 hours per week searching for that important piece of information. But access to information for evidence-based decision making is essential across drug discovery, development, and the delivery of therapeutics to patients.

Scientists can’t find answers to their high value scientific literature search questions using standard search technologies

Eighty percent of biomedical data is unstructured, and today's researcher struggles with manual methods for search and analysis amidst the growing volume of big data. Scientists and clinicians in biomedical, government and research organizations are increasingly required to conduct their own searches for vital scientific information – and are often frustrated with the search platforms and tools available.

The way you search is about to change.

iScite is an award-winning breakthrough innovation in scientific search, putting the precision and power of Linguamatics AI based text analytics directly into the hands of scientists. Using its innovative Answer Routing Engine, iScite guides you rapidly through the vast and complex information landscape, directly to the most relevant, business-critical insights.

Proud Winners of the Bio-IT World Best of Show 2018 Judges' Prize.

You can request to watch our 30-minute iScite webinar to get an overview and demonstration.


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The benefits of iScite – NLP powered scientific literature search

Key benefits of iScite, Linguamatics innovative scientific search engine include:

  • Easy-to-use interface for powerful text mining
  • Find answers to your questions, not just documents
  • Gain deep insights and actionable results in a single search
  • Connect to our cloud-based secure platform from anywhere on any device
  • One search over scientific literature, clinical trial records, patent abstracts and more
  • Make quick sense of big data, you don’t have to read every word

Answer-routing AI search engine

iScite has a patent-pending ‘Answer-Routing Engine’ that uses a blend of AI based methods. This interprets your search and guides you to the best possible match to your search intent by providing the most relevant answers from documents, using our database of search algorithms and components.

Award-winning Natural Language Processing (NLP)

iScite searches are underpinned by Linguamatics’ powerful NLP based text analytics that understands the text, capturing the many different ways people express the same meaning. Concepts are normalized, for example: carcinoma of the breast to breast neoplasm, May 15, 2018 to 2018-05-15. Relationships between concepts are captured, enabling you to easily distinguish between a drug used to treat a disease, and one causing an adverse reaction. Linguamatics uses a powerful blend of methods, including machine learning, for high precision and recall.

Federated search across multiple sources

The system handles multiple content sources at scale by federating across many servers in parallel. The responsive query layer provides fast response times to searches over millions of documents. This means you only need to run one search to get answers from multiple sources.


The key features of iScite – your advanced search strategy for MEDLINE®, PubMed and more

  • Easy-to-use SaaS text analytics powered search
  • Direct answers from searching MEDLINE®,, FDA Drug Labels, PubMed Central®, Patent Abstracts
  • Dynamic results filtering, simple curation, and saving options
  • AI-based answer routing engine highlights most precise answers
  • Other potential results of interest flagged in a ranking approach
  • The full value of NLP, including spelling error correction, surfacing data in embedded tables, normalized dates, quantities, gene mutations...and more

Power your research with Linguamatics AI technology today.