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Leveraging text analytics in patent analysis to empower business decisions - A competitive differentiation of kinase assay technology platforms by I2E mining software

Yun Yun Yang et al

Yang YY , Klose T, Lippy J,  Barcelon-Yang CS, Zhang L

World Patent Inform. 2014 Dec; 39:24–34



Leveraging available technologies for high-throughput screening (HTS), to enable the rapid delivery of comprehensive data packages for drug discovery programs, is a primary goal in developing new molecular entities for clinical applications. Pharmaceutical companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) must constantly evolve their assay methods to ensure an effective and timely impact to business.

This article is focused on a novel three step approach, using Linguamatics I2E text analytics software to mine the full text of patents, to identify (1) kinase assay technology information, and (2) kinase group information that is associated with therapeutic areas for drug screening.

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