Report: Frost & Sullivan - Linguamatics Market Leadership Award 2016

Linguamatics are extremely honored to have received the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award 2016.

The award is the result of extensive research conducted by market analysis experts Frost & Sullivan on the “NLP-Based Text Mining for Life Sciences” industry. 

As well as resulting in this prestigious award for Linguamatics, the research generated a comprehensive and insightful report.

What does the report include?

This report summarizes their key findings and addresses issues such as:

  • Key life science and healthcare industry challenges. The global life sciences industry struggles with 'data deluge' - how are pharma and healthcare organizations finding relevant and precise information across diverse data sources and multiple data structures to generate hypotheses and make meaningful inferences? Why are conventional keyword searches not enough?
  • How are the healthcare and life science industries changing? What about the exponential growth of data? How have Linguamatics and their text mining solution, application areas, customer base and partnerships grown and changed with these industries?
  • What are the life science and healthcare areas in which I2E text mining is demonstrating value? These include gene-disease mapping and target identification, clinical trial optimizations, patent landscaping, competitive intelligence, extracting patient data, cohort selection, predictive modeling of disease, treatment and patient outcomes.
  • What are customers saying about Linguamatics?

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