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Linguamatics in Healthcare

Linguamatics in Life Sciences


9 ways to improve cancer insights with Natural Language Processing


Frost & Sullivan report 2017: Global Big Data Text Analytics for Healthcare Enabling Technology

Frost & Sullivan report 2016: Global NLP-based Text Mining & Decision Support for Life Sciences

Case studies

Patent analytics at Pfizer

Clinical trials at AstraZeneca

Fast tracking clinical trials at Eli Lilly and Company

Target prioritization at Pfizer

Target selection at AstraZeneca

Comparing Real-World Evidence to clinical trail events at AstraZeneca

Extracting Real-World Evidence from large-scale population health documents


iScite Datasheet: A Breakthrough Scientific Search Engine

IFI Claims Patent Data Coverage

I2E Chemistry Datasheet

I2E AMP for Extract Transform Load (ETL)

I2E OnDemand Datasheet: Cloud-based text mining from Linguamatics

I2E for enterprise scale data transformation

I2E Pipeline Pilot Component Datasheet

I2E web services API (WSAPI)

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I2E Patent Mining Solution

Copyright Clearance Center and Linguamatics Solution Overview

Is your organization IDMP ready?

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Accelerating Information Extraction from Clinical Records

Safety Toxicity

Conference Abstracts

Effective Rule-based NLP enables Machine Learning and clinical insights

Linguamatics health for quality measures

Data-driven NLP plus machine learning equals better drug-discovery insights

The power of natural language processing to transform Real-World Data into insights