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Drug Discovery

Understanding gene-disease associations, pathways and systems, is critical for drug discovery and basic research. Text mining can access the landscape of relevant information.

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Patents Analytics

Patents hold huge volumes of valuable data, for novel chemicals, discoveries, competitor intelligence and more. Text analytics can unlock these valuable data.

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Drug Development Safety and Pharmacovigilance

The growing cost of drug development is driving pharmaceutical companies to identify potential safety issues earlier in the drug development process.

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Precision Medicine

Precision medicine refers to the ability to tailor treatment to the most appropriate group of patients, either at the clinical level, or within drug discovery and development.

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Real World Data Insights

Linguamatics Natural Language Processing (NLP) extracts the key facts from structured and unstructured data, transforming real world data into insights for decision making.

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Clinical Trial Analytics

Clinical trials are used to gather safety and efficacy data on new drugs in development, or existing drugs being tested for new indications.

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Regulatory Compliance

The pharmaceutical industry is among the most heavily regulated in the world. Linguamatics NLP can bring time-saving benefits for regulatory compliance compared to manual efforts, which can be slow and expensive.

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Our products have an exceptional combination of flexibility, scalability and data transformation power to effectively address the challenges of analyzing unstructured data, underpinned by Linguamatics NLP platform. We have applications for end-users, informaticians and pro-users, plus tools for automation, integration and customization.

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