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Precision Medicine

Precision medicine refers to the ability to tailor treatment to the most appropriate group of patients, either at the clinical level, or within drug discovery and development.

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Clinical Research

Mining unstructured data to support medical research has been prevalent for many years. This requires analysis of Big Data sets and often includes manual chart review to identify patients and extract specific attributes.

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Patient Safety

Patient safety is always a priority. Detecting early signs of clinical risk and disease gives us a greater chance of a successful outcome.

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Quality Measures

The regulatory burdens of initiative quality measures continue to put a strain on overworked hospital departments, and payers alike.

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Disease Registries

Better disease management may be obtained by adding vital information in the form of unstructured data to your disease registries.

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Population Health Management and Analytics

To enhance population health analysis and identify the care needs of individuals, providers and payers must extract insights from data stored in unstructured text in EHRs.

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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

The term "big data" was coined in the early 2000s by industry analyst Doug Laney. In Laney's definition, the term referred to information existing in large data sets, with high update rates and in a variety of formats.

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Our products have an exceptional combination of flexibility, scalability and data transformation power to effectively address the challenges of analyzing unstructured data, underpinned by Linguamatics NLP platform. We have applications for end-users, informaticians and pro-users, plus tools for automation, integration and customization.

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