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Value from NLP in Pharma - Jane Reed

Value from NLP in PharmaJane Reed is Director of Life Sciences at Linguamatics, and she emphasized the value that Linguamatics NLP can bring to the pharma industry by addressing challenges to match companies’ innovation needs. NLP surfaces nuggets of information from disparate structured and unstructured sources to generate insights across the whole bench-to-bedside/molecule-to-market pipeline, and these novel insights can lead to creative, innovative decisions. Jane illustrated how Linguamatics NLP has been used in this way by describing several pharma use cases across the pipeline:

  • Sanofi – rare diseases. Sanofi developed an integrated NLP-derived Rare Genetic Diseases Knowledge Base, with a dashboard to visualize linkages among rare genetic diseases, causal genes, pathways, and drugs. 
  • Roche – drug discovery Artemis is an easy-to-use web front end to I2E, which helps medicinal chemists answer drug discovery questions on compounds, targets, and diseases from information buried in 12 different sources.
  • GlaxoSmithKline – Regulatory Affairs GSK applied NLP text analytics across a range of internal and external documents to help reduce the manual burden, streamline regulatory intelligence gathering, and potentially reduce compliance risk. This helps GSK scientists better understand regulatory expectations and risks, and frame strategies to address these risks.

Jane concluded with several concrete examples of customer-reported ROI from the application of Linguamatics NLP, including reducing the time for target identification to IND by three years.

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