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Reuters Workshop - It’s all about the data: Critical success factors in innovating with AI/ML

Linguamatics, an IQVIA company, hosted this workshop in partnership with Reuters Events Pharma ‘It’s all about the data: Critical success factors in innovating with AI/ML’.

We are living through a period of accelerated adoption of digital technologies. For some, the hype behind data science can be a significant positive, helping secure support for insightful projects that drive meaningful decision making and change but for others over-promises of industry-changing insights are falling foul of delivery challenges, often due to data quality or the lack of the requisite data in the first place. Add to this the reality that so much of the 'signal' we look for to make better decisions is so often locked away in unstructured text and hard to get value from and we have a real challenge on our hands.

So we find ourselves asking- what makes innovating with data a success? How can we find rich, predictive data points to help us better understand key stakeholders, competitors, patients and our own organizations?

Watch this workshop to learn about case studies from Novo Nordisk and Roche who have sought to unlock real value from data and the learnings from those cases.

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