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How to achieve precision medicine – from patient to population – with NLP

In today’s healthcare world, there is an increasing impetus on the practice of precision medicine across the healthcare continuum - from individual patients to entire populations. The unstructured medical record is a treasure trove of information that stratifies populations and informs on each individual’s personal health status. Unlocking this data enables us to understand both the genetic basis of disease, but also the severity and progression of illness. Natural Language Processing can provide a repeatable and transparent means of accurate computational phenotyping from these data, driving true precision medicine.  

In this webinar, you will learn how Linguamatics NLP is being used to transform unstructured source data into clinical and research decision support insights for rare diseases, oncology and cardiology at some of the leading healthcare organizations in the world. We will cover fundamentals of healthcare NLP as well as some key case studies illustrating its importance: 

  • Deep phenotyping with the Human Phenotype Ontology 

  • Precision Oncology insights from Pathology reports 

  • Predicting progression of disease with features extracted from the unstructured EMR 

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