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NLP Summit 2022: Connected NLP - David Milward (IQVIA)

NLP Summit 2022 - Connected NLP - David Milward - IQVIA

Recent developments of IQVIA NLP technology have aimed to simplify standard workflows to reliably deliver great results, whilst also providing an open platform to allow experimentation and variety in processing methods. This talk will describe some of the latest developments in both areas.

IQVIA NLP is not only used in fully automated workflows; there are also many semi-automated workflows where human curation is used to review results, or sample results to check the quality. HART (Human-Assisted Review Tool) enables subject matter experts to review documents pre-annotated with IQVIA NLP. Once reviewed and curated, results can be distributed to end-users. Curated results can also be used as training data for machine learning models that can be incorporated back into the platform via the NLP connector framework or the newly incorporated ONNX framework for neural network models.

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