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NLP Summit 2022: Getting Started with Linguamatics Getting started with NLP for Social Determinants of Health – NorthShore HealthSystem


    NLP Summit 2022 - SDoH - NorthShore HealthSystem

    NorthShore has established itself as a preeminent health system in building and implementing analytical tools at scale to improve the quality and efficiency of care. A current goal is to build a learning health system. A learning health system is a system where knowledge generation processes are embedded in daily practices to produce continual improvements in care. At NorthShore, we are at the nascent stages of building a learning health system, with Natural Language Processing (NLP) as a starting point.

    We partnered with Linguamatics to understand how to leverage vast unstructured language fields that are currently of limited practical use but pose tremendous potential value to our data assets. With the COVID pandemic and the drive to push into value-based care, it is more important than ever that healthcare providers need to understand Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) to effectively and equitably care for their populations. It is estimated that SDOH can account for 60-70% of health outcomes and at an urban health system on the east coast where NLP was used to identify SDOH, 31% of their entire population had at least one SDOH that could be affecting their health. These socioeconomic, behavioral, and environmental factors are not routinely and discretely documented and available in structured fields but rather are documented in unstructured text notes. Identifying and extracting these data elements at the patient level will provide a valuable path to intervene on the social determinants that impact care and outcomes.

    Although we embarked on our journey with Linguamatics only recently, we'd like to share our views of the tool. We hope that this will be useful information to organizations looking to partner with Linguamatics for NLP. To give a comprehensive picture, we’d like to present our perspectives from three dimensions:

    • Clinician: Planned NLP use-cases and applications
    • Technical
    • Data Science

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