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Webinar: Applications of Natural Language Processing to transform real world data

Webinar: Applications of Natural Language Processing to transform real world data

In pharma and healthcare, understanding the real world impact of therapies on patients is critical. Real world evidence (RWE) can inform all phases of drug development, commercialization, and drug use in healthcare settings. RWE can shed light on real world clinical effectiveness or safety profiles of products across a broad patient community. RWE can be used to assess patient-reported outcomes, provide input for product reputation management, help with key opinion leader engagement, and more.

However, many real world data (RWD) sources, like electronic health records, patient forums, social media etc., contain unstructured text. Many of our customers are using the power of Linguamatics Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform to transform these unstructured sources of real world data into actionable structured real world evidence that can be rapidly visualized and analyzed. This webinar will present an overview of customer success stories, to show best practise use of our NLP technology for real world understanding.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How NLP text mining can extract relevant structured data from unstructured text using ontologies, flexible queries and linguistic processing
  • Real-life success stories from pharmaceutical companies such as Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca and others who are using NLP to access and gain valuable insights from a variety of data sources including call center feeds, patient blogs and forums, field medical affairs notes, and electronic medical records.

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