Webinar: Jump-start Your Scientific Search with iScite

Rapid, relevant answers to your key scientific literature search question.

Sponsored by: Linguamatics, an IQVIA company.

iScite is an award-winning breakthrough innovation in scientific search, putting the precision and power of Linguamatics AI based text analytics directly into the hands of scientists. Using its innovative Answer Routing Engine, iScite guides you rapidly through the vast and complex information landscape, directly to the most relevant, business-critical insights.

Eighty percent of biomedical data is unstructured, and today's researcher struggles with manual methods for search and analysis amidst the growing volume of relevant data – patents, literature articles, abstracts and more. Scientists and clinicians in biomedical, government and research organizations are often frustrated with the search platforms and tools they use to provide the vital scientific information they need for decision support.

This webinar will describe the challenges faced by scientists today, along with an outline of how iScite works and a live product demonstration.

What you will learn:

  • How AI-powered scientific search, using NLP (natural language processing), gets you to answers not documents
  • How iScite can be used in day-to-day research and development, to speed up your scientific search, for drug safety, gene-disease associations, gene variant information, biomarker discovery, patent or clinical trial analytics and more
  • How you can access iScite today

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