Webinar: Life Science Evidence Hubs

Making decisions with “disconnected” information is a critical issue that leads to inefficiency, productivity loss and compliance risk. Linguamatics NLP Evidence Hubs integrate and transform information from a variety of document streams into easy-to-consume dashboards, to enable evidence-led decision-making. Evidence Hubs can be developed for discovery, development, regulatory affairs, safety; with input data sources and output dashboards or alerts tailored as needed.

NLP text mining can extract the key facts, using relevant ontologies and focused queries, transforming data from different evidence streams into actionable intelligence for decision making. Linguamatics evidence hub offering enables you to identify, pinpoint, and extract information that’s usually unavailable or really hard to get to; synthesise across sources; and provide output for rapid decisions support.

Why watch the webinar?

The webinar shows how Linguamatics NLP Evidence Hubs can reduce manual effort and provide business decision support across multiple areas including:

  • Medical affairs 
  • HEOR
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Opportunity scouting
  • And more!

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