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Webinar: Build it or buy it: a guide to NLP for Healthcare IT organizations

As the health eco-system expands and health related data grows exponentially, there is an ever-increasing number of companies creating value from this ocean of data. Having established successful offerings applied mostly to structured data – companies are now seeking to enhance their capabilities by adding data previously hidden in free text. That – of course – is easier said than done. Whilst some point natural language processing (NLP) solutions exist for certain niche areas – these lack the flexibility and transparency that organizations require when thinking about applying these capabilities to their applications. Open-source or home-grown solutions meanwhile generally lack the reliability and robustness to be turned to enterprise-wide data and uses. Join this webinar to learn how you can combine the precision and reliability of market tested NLP with the transparency and flexibility that you require.

In this webinar we share case studies, approaches and technologies that can unlock value at scale for a diverse range of use cases by addressing challenges with NLP. You’ll hear about:

  • How organizations are successfully embedding market validated NLP into their existing workflows with great success – gaining efficiencies in using NLP to extract rich patient level information from millions of clinical documents
  • The right toolkit for the data scientist – combine your knowledge and expertise in our open NLP pipeline
  • How NLP is being used to drive predictive models and analytics through the extracting of hundreds of features at a rate of 8 million documents per hour
  • How organizations are using NLP to identify and stratify patients by their Social Determinants of Health

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