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Webinar: Driving Innovation from Bench to Bedside with NLP - John Brimacombe

Webinar: Driving Innovation from Bench to Bedside with NLP - John Brimacombe

Driving Innovation from Bench to Bedside

John Brimacombe is the Senior Director and General Manager of Linguamatics, and he welcomed participants on behalf of IQVIA and Linguamatics. He described the impact of NLP across the span from bench to bedside, and in meeting the immediate requirements of the community's response to COVID-19. 

He highlighted four main changes caused by COVI9-19: widespread home-working; reduced access to sites for clinical research; rapid growth in remote and telemedicine; and the need for a collaborative response to COVID-19. Each of these areas causes problems in data access, sharing, and exploitation, and John outlined how NLP has a positive role in addressing these issues. John outlined Linguamatics’ response to these challenges in three areas.

  • The first is maintaining a state-of-the-art NLP platform for life and health sciences, with sustained quarterly releases and new functionality delivered via an easy-to-use web client.

  • The second are new Evidence Hubs, which are simple end user interfaces and portals, built on the core Linguamatics NLP platform.

  • The third are large scale data factories offering real time, high throughput NLP. They can process new or large legacy information resources at scale to extract data and enrich documents and drive downstream pipelines and applications.

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