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Webinar: Enterprise Scale NLP made easy: NLP Data Factory

The importance of data in driving clinical and commercial outcomes is absolute, yet many life science and healthcare organizations leave 80 percent of potential insights untapped, locked away in unstructured and semi-structured formats. Manual abstraction of these vast amounts of data is time-consuming and unsustainable and point solutions can’t extract and integrate information across multiple business areas, at scale.

The NLP Data Factory enables the powerful functionality of IQVIA core NLP to be deployed comprehensibly, systematically and repeatably at enterprise scale. It is a robust extract, transform and load (ETL) engine that can sit alongside or within existing workflows, enabling NLP to be deployed on unstructured and semi-structured data in an automated and high throughput manner.

The standardized and normalized output from the NLP Data Factory can be directed to multiple downstream applications/destinations including enterprise data lakes, knowledge graphs or BI tools, such as the NLP Insights Hub.

In this webinar, we showcase the value of NLP at scale, with use cases ranging from extracting Social Determinants of Health from clinical records for addressing health inequities, to automated MedDRA coding of adverse events for better safety intelligence.

Watch this webinar learn more about:

  • How NLP can be automated at scale
  • Key areas for healthcare and life sciences where NLP Data Factories can add value
  • Case studies where this capability is already working for our customers

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