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Webinar: Introduction to NLP for Healthcare

In the Healthcare industry, clinicians and researchers need to base decisions on the best possible view of their patients data. As 80% of healthcare data is trapped within unstructured sources (i.e. nurse notes, HL-7 messages, clinical reports (radiology, pathology, etc.), rapid effective access to the knowledge buried in such documents is essential to both do no harm and maximize patient benefits. This webinar demonstrates Artificial Intelligence-Natural Language Processing (AI-NLP) and advanced clinical analytics. We will also show how NLP can enhance advanced machine learning models. Use cases span from precision medicine, clinical research to clinical operations.

What will you learn?

During the webinar we will review how NLP can reduce manual effort and provide support across multiple areas in Healthcare including:

  • Identifying health inequities: Social Determinants of Health
  • Secondary data utilization for research
  • Driving population health initiatives
  • Improving patient safety and quality
  • Precision medicine- identifying rare diseases
  • Data normalization
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