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Webinar: Linguamatics Product Update - Paul Milligan

Webinar: Linguamatics Product Update - Paul Milligan

Paul Milligan is senior product manager at Linguamatics, responsible for all Linguamatics products. He described the major updates to the Linguamatics product portfolio over the last year, with an emphasis on the changes needed to support the development of the NLP data factory and NLP evidence hub that are described in more detail in other Linguamatics presentations. 

Paul identified three key groups that are helped by these updates – expert users, data scientists, and “end user” scientists and researchers – and stressed that the biggest gains are made when all three groups work collaboratively in unison. For the expert users and informaticians, improvements include query priority alternatives, index subsets, multilinguality, easy-to-use web-based query editor, and additional data connectors. These are also supported by a dedicated training server and virtual workshops.

Paul concluded by describing two enhancement that benefit all three groups identified above: a community site at, with content of interest and value to all; and new post-process of framework (available summer 2021). This is a plugin architecture to create post-processing scripts or workflows, that will take information generated from an I2E query and directly put it into e.g. a dashboard, another data store, or an analysis application. 

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“When these different groups all work together, working on the hardware, working on the data science, working on the queries, you end up with this magnificent end product.”

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