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Webinar: Natural Language Processing for Clinical trials at Eli Lilly

Clinical trials are used to gather safety and efficacy data on new drugs in development, or existing drugs being tested for new indications. Although some information in clinical trial reports is well structured and searchable using keywords, much of the information lies buried in unstructured text.

Data extraction from clinical literature is useful for competitive intelligence, meta-analysis, and clinical trial design. Such extraction, usually done manually, is often tedious and error-prone. Linguamatics NLP is a valuable technology for extracting and synthesizing the high value information that is found in unstructured text.

Eric Su at Eli Lilly presents a high-level overview of his experience using NLP for a variety of clinical trial applications, including: extracting outcome statistics and data on trial design for meta-analysis; drug repurposing; and competitive intelligence on testing multiple drug candidates within one trial.

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