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Webinar: NLP Insights Hub: empower teams with rich, rapid insights from disparate data sources

Finding the right information in a sea of structured and unstructured data sources is a real challenge. Important contextual information is often missed and there is insufficient time to spend on strategy development and decision making.

IQVIA NLP Insights Hub integrates and transforms information from a variety of document streams into easy-to-consume dashboards, to enable evidence-led decision-making. The NLP Insights Hub can be developed for discovery, development, regulatory affairs, or commercial and post-market applications; with input data sources and output dashboards or alerts tailored as needed.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) text mining can extract the key facts, using relevant ontologies and focused queries, transforming data from different evidence streams into actionable intelligence for decision making. Capturing and integrating the information from a range of document sources can build a landscape of scientific and business knowledge, a “hub” of insights.

The NLP Insights Hub helps teams optimize decision making, spark innovation and enable access to critical insights and understanding of domain-specific landscapes.

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