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Webinar: Patients First: Natural Language Processing across the Healthcare Organization

For healthcare providers, many important contributing factors are hidden away in text. Take a moment to look around your healthcare system. How many platform solutions do you have that do almost the same thing? Why make it more complicated than you need to and use multiple NLP solutions for your unstructured/semi-structured data when you can use one platform for many needs?

Clinical natural language processing can transform your semi-structured and unstructured data by extracting facts and normalizing data for further analysis. Even in this age of technology adoption there are many different departments that employ clinically educated people to do manual abstraction. Wouldn’t augmented NLP workflows that address multiple use cases be more suited for these tasks? Better patient outcomes are reliant on the combination of unstructured data with the structured to give a true 360-degree view of the patient. There is information hidden within the EMR as free text or attachments in many forms for example, clinical encounters, diagnostic reports (radiology, pathology, laboratory), patient portals, etc.

Patient health is complicated, but data processes don’t have to be. It is possible to be flexible by using one NLP platform for many uses across your healthcare organization.

During the webinar we review how a flexible, clinical NLP platform can provide an enterprise solution that significantly reduces manual effort and time, and provides support across multiple areas in Healthcare including:

  • Identifying Health Inequities: Social Determinants of Health
  • Secondary Data Utilization for research
  • Driving Population Health initiatives
  • Improving Patient Safety and Quality
  • Precision Medicine- Identifying Rare Diseases
  • Data Normalization

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