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IQVIA Linguamatics NLP Earns 2019 Fierce Innovation Award

We are proud to announce that the IQVIA Linguamatics Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform was recently awarded Questex’s 2019 Fierce Innovation Award – Life Sciences Edition in the Data Analytics/Business Intelligence category. In addition, the NLP healthcare platform was recognized with a Best in Show honor for ‘Best Technology Innovation’.

Sponsored by the publisher of FierceBiotech and FiercePharma, the Fierce Innovation Awards identify and showcase outstanding innovation that is driving improvements and transforming the healthcare industry. An expert panel of judges reviews all submissions to determine which companies demonstrate innovative solutions, technologies and services that have the potential to make the greatest impact for biotech and pharma companies.

The IQVIA Linguamatics NLP platform supports life sciences organizations seeking to speed up drug development and improve patient outcomes by breaking down data silos, boosting innovation, enhancing quality and reducing risk and complexity. NLP is an artificial intelligence technology that transforms unstructured and semi-structured text into normalized, structured data suitable for analysis or to drive machine learning algorithms.

The platform uses sophisticated algorithms to identify, extract and connect key concepts, facts and relationships buried in the text rather than just retrieve documents based on keyword search. Key solution areas include:

Natural Language Processing: Transforming the way unstructured data is used in healthcare

One key differentiator of the Linguamatics NLP platform is that users do not need to be specialists; the solution can be used by any analyst. A single investment in the NLP technology solves multiple business problems from bench to bedside, supporting a wide range of solution areas: from early discovery gene-disease mappings, target ID selection and biomarker discovery; to post-market activities, such as pharmacovigilance, real-world evidence and competitive intelligence; through to healthcare population-scale predictive models and quality measures.

A large range of clients leverage Linguamatics to turn text into structured data by using powerful queries to drive analytics and outcomes. For example, Agios Pharmaceuticals uses the IQVIA Linguamatics NLP platform to identify candidate diseases and candidate target genes, enabling the company to substantially accelerate the time from target discovery to clinical trial — saving at least three years of effort with this approach.

Meanwhile, Eli Lilly uses IQVIA Linguamatics NLP to automate the process of extracting summary statistics to feed into new clinical trial design. Done manually, this is resource-consuming, and the risk of human error is relatively high.

IQVIA Linguamatics NLP is changing the way unstructured data is used in healthcare for the better and empowering pharma companies, providers and payers to gain deeper insights to advance health outcomes, reduce risk and optimize quality reporting. In the pharma and biotech industry, NLP is proving critical for the digital transformation that the industry needs to break down data silos to benefit fully from legacy information buried in unstructured text, and to increase R&D productivity and improve human health.

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