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Accessibility solutions

Your content 
accessible to all

Make your content inclusive


Benefits   Solutions for inclusivity and compliance

Maintain compliance
With regulations such as ADA/508 and guidelines such as WCAG
Be inclusive
Impairments take many forms and limit or block access to highly valuable information
access more audiences
Access all audiences
In the US alone, 20M+ people suffer from visual impairments

Our solution   All your patient-facing content accessible and inclusive

Linguamatics developed a comprehensive accessibility solution tailored to meet the unique needs of companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector.
From closed captioning and audio descriptions to alternative formats and digital accessibility, you can rely on our end-to-end solution to make sure that your content is accessible to individuals with visual or hearing impairments, enabling inclusive and equitable access to vital information and services.
  • Accessibility strategy: anticipate and optimize for compliance of present and future patient- and consumer-facing content across all languages and channels 
  • Content remediation: outsource the remediation of any produced content to make sure it is fully in line with the most stringent guidelines 
  • Accessibility assessment: get an audit of the current status of any given patient- or consumer-facing content so you can assess the best course of action to reach compliance and inclusion
Accessible solutions

Examples of accessible content types

  • Documents: text-to-speech optimization (live reader), braille, large letters 
  • Videos: close captioning, audio description 
  • Digital: WCAG guidelines optimization 
Accessibility solutions