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Medical technologies, devices & diagnostics

Connected technology,
localized in any language

Language solutions for medical devices and technology


Benefits   Devices and software localization made easy

Safe & compliant
Secure workflow and highest compliance with all regulations, including HIPAA and ADA
cost efficient
Fast & cost efficient
Technology-driven solutions built for speed and cost efficiencies
Unique expertise
Solutions designed by healthcare veterans, for healthcare professionals

Our solution   All-in-one solution to globalize your technology

Technology evolves constantly, and maintaining versioning across multiple languages can often result in a hassle.
Linguamatics developed a solution to allow your technology to go global and maintain its local version more easily and cost efficiently.

Medical devices localization:

  • Documentation translation: translate all the documentation associated with your products for compliance and effective communication: instructions for use, labels, operating manuals, data sheets or regulatory documents.
  • Software localization: continuous localization solution to localize and maintain constant updates in all local versions of your online content, for UIs in any SaaS products or connected hardware.
  • Software and device testing: functional and linguistic testing to identify any functional errors on the source version before testing the localized version for any accuracy or quality adjustments. So your final product is perfect the first time, in any language.
  • Supporting material & education: translate all associated online and offline documentation and knowledge bases to support professionals and/or patients. Our solution also includes instant translation of multilingual chats, chatbots or messaging. 
Translations for medical devices

Technology   Language technology for healthcare requirements

Leverage language technology that you can rely on for your global technology initiatives.

Linguamatics offers the only language technology designed for the unique requirements of healthcare and life sciences in data compliance, scalability, integration, user experience and cost efficiency.

language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our translation management system designed for healthcare applications, to maximize speed, quality and integration capabilities, while ensuring end-to-end HIPAA compliance.  

It allows for any type of document or source code to be sent seamlessly through API integration, and sent to the appropriate workflow for quick and cost efficient processing.

It integrates into all your systems for easier and faster access to any services, and uses advanced terminology management technology to provide higher quality and drastically reduce the cost of translations over time.


translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secured and compliant instant translation system, allowing all your employee and system to communicate in any language, securely: 

  • Keep technical documentation updated in any language at all times, including knowledge bases, SDKs, or any technical document. Human post-editing can be added in a simple click for any sensitive documentation.
  • Enable instant user and patient communication and support in any language, through chat or messaging translation, ticketing translation or any other use.


Secure machine translation