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Brand & HCP engagement

Reach markets and HCPs everywhere, faster and more easily

The last link for successful global marketing 


Benefits   The last link for successful global marketing

local expertise
Local domain expertise
Cultural, product and compliance expertise for each of your target markets
Speed and cost efficiency
Technology-enabled workflows built for speed and cost efficiencies
Integrated in your content ecosystem
Translations on demand built into your current systems and repositories

Our solution   Simplify your globalization efforts with an industry-specific localization program

Implementing a localization program for your marketing, brand and HCP engagement efforts with an expert can help you increase your global reach and maximize the ROI of all your activities
  • Global marketing campaigns: localization and transcreation to adapt any promotional content to ensure cultural fit and maximum impact in all your target markets 
  • Global brand management: solutions to elevate and protect your brand globally through linguistic assets management 
  • Multilingual SEO and digital marketing localization: rolling down your efforts in each market with adapted tactics to optimize ROI on digital promotion 
  • HCP enablement and training material: solutions to engage with HCPs in their own culture and language anywhere in the world, boosting your impact 
  • Rich media localization: adapt and localize any video or audio format 
  • Localization consulting: leverage our experience implementing successful localization programs for the biggest brands, and let us help you implement localization strategies to support your globalization journey 

Branding, Marketing and HCP engagement represent a high ticket for organizations. Linguamatics helps you cover the last mile and take your central and local efforts across the finish line to maximize impact with all your audiences. 



Technology   Language technology to support your brand efforts

Linguamatics technology allows your brand and HCP engagement teams to benefit from massive efficiencies, while providing all employees with reliable and compliant language solutions at their fingertips. 

It integrates within your content ecosystem to accelerate local activation from any assets.


Translation management system

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our single-entry fully integrated portal allowing brand and HCP engagement teams to request any solution from their own systems (CMS, DAM, PIM or any other system). 

It provides a fully compliant and secured environment and allows requesters to request and keep track of their projects in any language. 


translation management system

Linguamatics translate

The secured and compliant instant translation system  for your teams' daily translation needs. Fast, high quality, and always keep your enterprise data safe. 

It can be used for quick turnaround of specific non-strategic documents while maintaining formatting, or integrated in any systems to facilitate instant translations (sentiment analysis, HCP chat systems, etc.) 



Machine translation

Insights   Why localization is necessary for efficient HCP engagement

A localization program ensures that medical information, educational resources, and promotional materials are accurately translated, culturally adapted, and aligned with local regulations and practices.  

This not only enhances the credibility and relevance of the content but also demonstrates respect for the target audience's language and cultural preferences.  

By investing in a localization program, HCP engagement teams reinforce trust, foster stronger relationships, and ultimately drive better patient outcomes by providing HCPs with the information they need in a format that resonates with them.  

It is a strategic investment that positions HCP engagement teams for success in both ensuring KPIs are met globally, and that they have a flexible and scalable platform to roll out any program, anywhere, safely and efficiently.