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Multilingual marketing & digital

Reach any audience, anywhere

Localize and adapt your communication, marketing and promotion tactics


Benefits   Easier, faster and cheaper global campaign management

True expertise
Unmatched wealth of domain application in all heathcare environments
cost efficient
Cost efficiency
Industry-specific workflows built for efficiencies
Integrated technology for faster rollout and turnarounds from concept to distribution

Our solution   Think globally, act locally

From brand protection, to optimizing KPIs of all Marketing activation components, Linguamatics has developed a set of solutions to help you manage the localization of your assets and campaigns, across all channels.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Marketing localization & transcreation: adapt your assets to local audiences through content adjustments, considering cultural, visual and regulatory factors, so the content feels created for local audiences. 
  • Global brand management:  globalize and protect your brand through cultural testing, linguistic asset management, and centralization of linguistic requests. 
  • Campaign management: localize any assets directly from your campaign content ecosystem, so each central campaign can be launched locally and get maximum engagement. 
  • Website localization: integrate translation capabilities in your Content Management System so your central and local web teams can localize pages on demand, seamlessly 
  • Multilingual SEO & SEM: localize search content by local expert to include the cultural search factor and navigation behaviors. Search terminology is culturally influenced and simple translation does not do the trick.
Marketing translations

Technology   All language capabilities accessible at the push of a button

Linguamatics hub centralizes all relevant language technology for efficient Marketing localization, so your teams can access all relevant services they need very simply. 
Keep control of project management and oversee quotes and billing to keep track of your budget very easily. 

Linguamatics hub also centralizes all terminology management capabilities, such as guidelines and glossaries, so your brand can be protected while being adapted to other languages and cultures, as well as translation memories, so you can save money and never translate an approved message twice.


Translation management system

Integration capabilities

Linguamatics hub integrates directly into your sales & marketing content ecosystem (DAM, PIM, CRM, CMS, etc.), so you can access localization in any language at the push of a button. Talk to our team to see a demo and understand how translation management can be integrated very simply within your content and brand ecosystem through API or connectors.


integrated translations

Insights   Why SEO should always be localized?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two strategies that aim to increase the visibility and traffic of a website on the internet. However, these strategies are not universal and should always be localized to the target market and audience. Localizing SEO and SEM means adapting the content, keywords, ads, and landing pages to the language, culture, preferences, and behavior of the potential customers in a specific region or country. Localizing SEO and SEM can have many benefits, such as:   

  • Improving the relevance and quality of the content for the local users, which can increase their engagement, trust, and conversion rates. 
  • Enhancing the ranking and performance of the website on the local search engines, which can drive more organic and paid traffic. 
  • Reducing the competition and costs of the keywords and ads, which can improve the return on investment (ROI) of the SEO and SEM campaigns. 
  • Building a strong brand image and reputation in the local market, which can foster customer loyalty and advocacy. 

That’s why SEO and SEM should always be localized to achieve the best results and maximum impact in a globalized world.