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Healthcare payers and providers

Address patients 
in their language

Healthcare NLP and language solutions to improve member care and reduce member risks

From population health analytics to risk adjustment, quality measures, to overcoming accessibility and language barriers


Benefits   What Linguamatics brings

8 million +
Documents processed per hour using our NLP
fast translations
97% of HCCs
Automatically identified with our NLP
56% more at-risk patients
Identified using SDOH with our NLP

NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING   Addressing the challenge of unstructured data

As deeper insights are required to stratify patient groups, report on quality measures, and identify high-risk individuals, there is a growing need to mine unstructured notes with natural language processing (NLP).

Insights trapped in electronic health records (EHRs), patient portals and call center notes are needed to fill in the gaps around structured data in claims and EHR fields. Some 80% of EHR data is unstructured, and physician burnout is an urgent growing problem; how can payers, providers and academic medical centers free the insights trapped in text? NLP changes the way unstructured data is used for the better; it empowers providers and payers to gain deeper insights to advance health outcomes, reduce risk and optimize quality reporting.

In Healthcare, NLP is no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have”. With ever increasing volumes of data trapped in unstructured sources such as pathology reports, radiology reports and discharge summaries, rapid effective access to the knowledge buried in such documents is essential to both do no harm and maximize patient benefits.

From population health to precision medicine, NLP is a key tool for turning messy unstructured data into high value content for clinical decision support. 

 Key capabilities include: 

  • Identifying health inequities in social determinants of health (SDOH)  
  • Improving risk adjustment coding 
  • Uncovering true disease burden and driving population health initiatives  
  • Computational phenotyping in rare disease and oncology   
  • NLP driven feature generation for machine learning  

Linguamatics NLP coupled with Linguamatics translate, enables you to quickly identify and extract relevant information from large volumes of multilingual EHR data, reducing manual effort and providing support across multiple areas in Healthcare. 


Our solution   Personalize patient experience across culture and language

  • Managed care documentation translation: translation of all administrative documents for compliance and effective communication: annual enrollment period (AEP), evidence of coverage (EOC), explanation of benefits (EOB), member communication and marketing material, foreign medical claims, etc.
  • Interpreting: professional medical interpreting services, enabling seamless communication with patients with limited local language proficiency. Includes over the phone interpreting
  • Patient-facing material & education: improve patient engagement and outcomes by creating patient-facing materials and educational content that are culturally sensitive, linguistically appropriate, and easily accessible: clinical forms, assessments, caregiver resources, patient portal, etc.
  • Accessibility solutions (ADA compliance): enhance inclusivity and accessibility by implementing innovative solutions, such as audio descriptions, closed captions, and alternative formats for individuals with visual or hearing impairments, ensuring equal access to healthcare information and services

Technology   Language technology for healthcare requirements

Linguamatics offers a complete suite of language technology to access insights in unstructured data, overcome language and accessibility barriers across all patients, through all channels.

It has been designed for healthcare's unique requirements: data compliance, user experience, scalability and cost efficiency.



Language technology

Linguamatics NLP

NLP text mining empowers large payer and provider organizations to free the insights trapped in clinical documentation, call center notes and patient-reported information, without needing to be NLP experts. 

We enable companies to expand and modify our platform and out-of-the-box capabilities, so that they are not reliant on professional services or product updates from black box NLP systems. 

We keep you in control of your precious data assets—the Linguamatics NLP platform can be deployed on premise or in a private cloud. 


healthcare NLP

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our translation management system designed for healthcare applications, to maximize speed, quality and integration capabilities, while ensuring end-to-end HIPAA compliance.  

It allows all your operations and teams that require language solutions to obtain them in a few clicks, while maintaining strict compliance and reducing costs.  

It integrates into all your systems for easier and faster access to any services.


Translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secure and compliant instant translation system, allowing all your employees and systems to communicate in any language, securely: 

  • Translate internal documents and access patient information fast from any language origin
  • Enable instant patient communication and support in any language, through chat or messaging translation 


secure machine translation