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Centralize enterprise translations 
and save millions

Procurement: secured enterprise centralization technology for healthcare and life-science translations


Expert solutions   How we raise the bar

Compliance & industry expertise
Specialized workflows built by healthcare and life science professionals, for healthcare and life science profesionnals
cost efficient
Cost and speed efficiency
Technology enabled solutions built for time and cost reduction
easy roll out
Easy roll out and adoption
Unique focus on user experience and industry knowledge builds necessary trust with all teams

Our expertise   Find easy savings with enterprise translation solutions

Because we have done it for ourselves in the past, we know better than anyone how to facilitate Procurement’s life: we created the solution we hope we could have had when we needed to save millions in translation management
  • Reliable technology built for our industry: Data safety, easy implementation, budget control and management: finally some language technology you can trust 
  • Compliant instant translation: empower employees with Linguamatics translate, our high quality, data compliant instant translation portal 
  • Specialized services: Solutions created for healthcare and life science, for higher quality 
  • Customer success management: Support and customer satisfaction model for guaranteed roll out success and utilization 
  • Proven model and consultative approach: leverage our experience of past implementation and best practices through a unique consultative service, so you can set your expectations higher. 

Centralizing all your organization's translations with Linguamatics will help establish compliance across the board while saving up to millions in yearly costs. 

Translation solutions

Technology   Meaningful language technology

Provide your organization with access to all relevant language solutions in a few clicks, always safe and compliant with your data security guidelines, while saving time and money

Language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our single-entry portal allowing any employee with access to seamlessly send documents for translation or request language solutions for any other needs. 

It provides a fully compliant and secure environment and accelerate cost savings through efficient workflows and automated processes. 

Users requesting translation benefit from efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, ultimately contributing to the success of their organizations. 


Translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secured and compliant instant translation system your teams need for any of their daily translation needs. Fast, high quality, and always keeping your enterprise data safe. 

Bring serious cost reduction by providing all teams with an instant and extremely cost efficient translation solution.


secure machine translation

Insights   How translation centralization can help you save millions

By adopting a strategic centralization approach, procurement teams can unlock many benefits such as massive cost reduction and more
  • Vendor consolidation: centralizing translations with a trusted vendor enables healthcare and life-science organizations to negotiate favorable pricing as well as leverage many cost efficiencies. By eliminating multiple vendors, significant cost savings can be achieved, potentially millions. 
  • Seeking expertise for quality assurance: partnering with an industry-focused vendor ensures high-quality translations, compliance with industry regulations, and avoids costly errors or misinterpretations. 
  • Time efficiency: with a single point of contact, procurement teams can streamline communication with all stakeholders, expedite project timelines, and meet tight deadlines with ease. 
  • Technology integration: leveraging cutting-edge translation technologies, such as machine translation and translation memory, to enable faster turnaround times, consistent terminology, and cost-effective solutions, ultimately contributing to substantial savings. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: the vendor should have the capacity to handle increasing volumes, adapt to evolving requirements, and offer customized solutions tailored to the organization's unique needs. 
checklist for translation vendor selection

By centralizing translations with the right vendor and leveraging advanced technology, procurement teams in healthcare and life-science organizations can drive significant cost savings, improve quality, enhance efficiency, and ultimately contribute to better patient care.