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Localization & globalization

Accelerate product and service globalization

Localization solutions for healthcare and life sciences


Expert solutions   Raising the bar for healthcare and life-science localization

Unique domain expertise
Specialized workflows built by healthcare and life science professionals, for healthcare and life science professionals
Cost and speed efficiency
Technology-enabled solution built for speed and cost reduction
all in one solutions
All-in-one language solutions
One stop shop to globalize any offer from inception to continuous improvement

Expertise   Globalize your offering

Because we have done it for ourselves in the past, we know better than anyone how to make procurement’s life easier: we have created the solution we wish we had when we needed to save millions in translation management
  • Integrated end-to-end localization: our technology offers all-in-one solution workflows that integrate into your ecosystems and protect data compliance at all times 
  • Localization & transcreation: a full range of localization services with native domain expert linguists, enhanced QA and consultative expertise you can leverage in all your strategies 
  • Internationalization: full solution set to adapt any product to any market, by considering cultural, linguistic, and technical factors, to ensure seamless localization and accessibility for international users 
  • Cultural consultation: guidance and insights to help you navigate the complexities of different cultures, enable your strategies, products, and services to resonate with diverse markets, and foster successful cross-cultural interactions 
  • Linguistic and functional testing: evaluate any of your products or services to ensure linguistic accuracy, functionality, and usability, guaranteeing that it meets the highest quality standards and user expectations across different languages and platforms

Linguamatics is the industry specialist, one-stop-shop to support your globalization initiative simply, confidently, and time- and cost-efficiently. 


Technology   Efficient and compliant language technology

Equip your globalization initiatives with best-in-class and industry-appropriate technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our single-entry translation management portal, designed for our industry’s unique requirements: compliance, reliability, integration and user experience. 

All content types, including software, can easily be pushed for localization in any language. Further services such as testing can also be requested very simply. 


translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Our secured and compliant machine translation system enables suitable content types to benefit from instant localization, for fast iteration and product updates. 

Linguamatics technology allows your globalization efforts to be supported across the board in a compliant and easy manner. 


secure machine translation

Insights   Six tips to maximize the chances of successful software localization in healthcare and life sciences

Globalizing software in the healthcare and life sciences industries is not for the faint of heart. Following some best practices as part of an overall strategy can result in game-changing outcomes.
  1. Cultural adaptation: understand the target market's cultural nuances, language preferences, and regulatory requirements. Tailor the software interface, content, and terminology accordingly to ensure seamless user experience and compliance. 
  2. Localization expertise: engage a localization partner with expertise in healthcare and life sciences. They will have the necessary linguistic and technical skills to accurately translate and adapt the software while considering medical terminology and industry-specific regulations. 
  3. User-centric approach: conduct thorough usability testing, taking into account regional preferences and user feedback. Adapt the software's functionality, user interface, and navigation to cater to the specific needs and expectations of global users. 
  4. Compliance and regulatory requirements: ensure compliance with local regulatory bodies, data protection laws, and industry standards specific to healthcare and life sciences. Conduct thorough audits to verify that the software meets all necessary regulations and quality standards. 
  5. Continuous localization: plan for ongoing localization and maintenance of the software. As new updates and features are released, ensure that they are promptly localized and tested to maintain consistency and user satisfaction across different markets. 
  6. Collaboration and Communication: foster open and effective communication between development teams, localization partners, and end-users. Establish clear channels of communication to address queries, provide updates, and gather feedback throughout the localization process. 

By adhering to these best practices, healthcare and life sciences organizations can maximize the chances of success for their software on the global stage, while saving both time and money avoiding common pitfalls. 

software localization