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Patient access & engagement

Patient centricity: much more than a statement 

Prevention, diagnosis, initiation or maintenance: ensure patients can always access the right information and content at each stage of their journey


Benefits   Simplified multilingual patient engagement

patient expertise
Unique patient & industry expertise
Solutions designed by healthcare experts for healthcare requirements; secured and compliant
Fast & cost efficient
Technology and processes designed for cost and speed efficiencies
easy to use
Easy to implement and use
All language technology stack integrates through API and connectors

Our solution   Engage with patients everywhere

Linguamatics designed its solution to help you engage with patients and communities beyond any language, cultural and accessibility barriers.

Our team have experience in creating and managing meaningful content resonating through language and cultural adaptation all along the patient journey:

  • Wellness and prevention 
  • Pre-diagnosis  
  • Diagnosis  
  • Treatment initiation 
  • Maintenance and aftercare  

We support all types of patient-facing information in any channel, from creation to translation in any language: 

  • Patient brochures  
  • Videos 
  • Digital engagement 
  • Messaging platforms engagement 
  • Patient association engagement information 
  • Layman’s and plain language summaries  
translation services

Technology   Language technology for patient centricity

Linguamatics provides the only language technology suite specifically created for life-sciences applications, to help you check the language and accessibility you need for global patient centricity.

language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our translation management system designed for healthcare requirements in term of compliance, speed and integration capabilities. It enables any teams that requires language solutions to obtain them in a few clicks, always HIPAA compliant. 

We integrate into all your systems to facilitate your access to language solutions from where your patient information can be securely sent for translation.


Translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secured and compliant instant translation solution that can be leveraged for some unique use cases of technology enablement: 

  • Translate all your UIs instantaneously, and have them reviewed by a professional linguist in the loop, on demand 
  • Enable customer and patient support in any language, through instant chat translation, multilingual chatbots, or messaging translation


secure machine translation

Insights   How language and cultural adaptation contribute to patient experience and personalization

Language and cultural adaptation play a vital role in enhancing patient experience and personalization in healthcare.

By tailoring communication to patients' preferred language and cultural background, healthcare providers foster further trust, empathy, and understanding.

Language adaptation involves translating medical terminology, instructions, and patient materials into patients' native languages, ensuring clear comprehension and adherence to treatment plans.

Cultural adaptation goes beyond language, considering beliefs, customs, and values specific to different patient populations. By acknowledging and respecting cultural nuances, healthcare providers also create a supportive and inclusive environment, improving patient satisfaction and engagement. 

Effective language and cultural adaptation demonstrate a commitment to patient-centered care, promoting better communication, health outcomes, and overall patient experience.