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Scale your tech and digital initiatives across any language

Localization solutions for healthcare and life-science technology and digital professionals


Expert solutions   Technology, in any language

secure and compliant
Secure & compliant
Solutions designed solely for healthcare and life science, secure and compliant
Fast & efficient
Technology and processes designed for cost and speed efficiencies
Built for integration
All language technology stack integrates through API and connectors

Our solution   Easily localize IT stacks and digital products

  • Employee enablement: give your teams access to all language solutions, including machine translation, while remaining in full compliance and avoiding data breach
  • Continuous software localization: agile software localization as you iterate 
  • Linguistic and functional testing: evaluate any product or device for linguistic accuracy, functionality, and usability, guaranteeing that it meets the highest quality standards and user expectations across languages and platforms 
  • Multilingual customer support: enable teams to treat requests from and into any language, or allow chatbot to be fully operational globally, while remaining compliant 

Equip your tech stacks and teams with the best industry-specialized solutions for localization and reach your audiences globally fast, simply and cost efficiently.


translation services

Technology   Meaningful language technology

Employees and development teams get access to all relevant language solutions in a few clicks, always safe and compliant with your data security guidelines, while saving time and money.

Linguamatics technology allows your organization to benefit from massive efficiencies, while providing all employees with reliable and compliant language solutions at their fingertips. 

Language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our translation management system designed for our industry‚Äôs unique needs in terms of compliance, speed and integration capabilities. It enables any team that requires language solutions to obtain them in a few clicks. 


Translation management

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is a secured and compliant instant translation system that can be leveraged for some unique use cases of technology enablement: 

  • Enable your analytics product to be functional in any language, translating datasets and enabling analytics on the go 
  • Translate all your UIs instantaneously, and have them reviewed by a professional linguist in the loop, on demand 
  • Enable customer and tech support in any language, through instant ticketing or chat translation, or create multilingual chatbots  


secure machine translation

Insights   What IT teams should take into account when implementing translation management

Before selecting and rolling out translation solutions in their organizations, IT teams should consider the following key factors:
  1. Compatibility: assess the compatibility of the translation solution with existing IT infrastructure and systems to ensure seamless integration, and the implementation complexity. Some enterprise systems are perceived to be powerful but really complex to implement, resulting in loss of time and money. 
  2. Data security and compliance: because translation is usually the most sensitive link in the chain, and traditional vendors usually work with data that is not as sensitive, reinforce data security and compliance all along the translation process. 
  3. Scalability: evaluate the scalability of the solution to accommodate future growth and increasing translation needs. 
  4. User experience: because those systems are used by many, consider the ease of use and user friendliness interface of the solution, enabling non-technical stakeholders to efficiently manage translation workflows. 
  5. Technical support and training: ensure that the provider offers ongoing technical support and training to address any issues and optimize utilization of the solution by all stakeholders. 

By strategizing their selection process, IT teams can implement effective translation solutions that enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and drive organizational success and efficiencies. 

translation services for technology