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Secure instant translations 

Enabling teams with 
secured instant translations 

Secured Neural Machine Translation for healthcare and life sciences


benefits   Leverage best-in-class AI translation engines in a single secure portal

data safety
Data safe
Instant translation which maintains data privacy and shuts down data leaks to free translation tools
Fit for purpose
Best-in-class machine translation technology including healthcare- & life-science-trained AI models
cost efficient
Cost efficient
Enterprise plans allowing drastic translation time and cost reduction via high-quality instant data processing and translation

Our solution   Instant translation that keeps your data safe

Our industry experts developed proprietary neural machine technology trained on clinical and life-science data, and aggregated carefully selected engines to offer the best fit-for-purpose solution for all healthcare and life science needs.

Industry-specific AI model leveraging best-in-class machine translation

Thanks to our AI-enabled document identification and routing technology, documents are sent to the best engine for purpose, so your teams have access to the highest level of quality through a single portal and without the heavy licensing fees. 

Documents are instantaneously prepared, translated, re-formatted and delivered in target language, so you can immediately use them.


machine translation

Insights   Why open free translation and LLM tools are a big data privacy liability

Free, open translation and SaaS tools always represent a risk when used by employees, often despite their best intentions, when content is exiting firewalls.

Here are some of the risks:

  • Data leakage: free, open translation tools often means the text to be translated is exiting companies' firewalls, which can lead to data leakage. Corporations may inadvertently expose sensitive and confidential information during translation, risking the loss of proprietary data, trade secrets, and business strategies. 
  • Third-party access: when using open translation tools, corporations relinquish control over their data to third-party providers. This can result in unauthorized access, data mining, and potential misuse of sensitive information by these providers or malicious actors, who exploit vulnerabilities in the system. 
  • Compliance challenges: many corporations operate in regulated industries that require strict adherence to data protection regulations like GDPR or HIPAA. Relying on open translation tools might lead to non-compliance due to inadequate safeguards for sensitive data, resulting in legal repercussions and financial penalties. 
  • Loss of control: open translation tools might not offer adequate control over where the translated data resides or how it's processed. This lack of control can make it difficult for corporations to ensure that their data remains within secure boundaries. 

In light of these concerns, corporations should consider using secure instant translation solutions that prioritize data privacy and offer compliance specifically with healthcare and life science regulations. Linguamatics translate is our solution designed for the highest level of data safety.

Risks of using free machine translation

Case study   Leading CRO enables 1,000+ employees with secure instant translations