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Implementing secure instant translation

Leading CRO empowers 1,000+ employees with secured instant translation

Linguamatics translate is implemented to enable teams and processes to benefit from instant translation while keeping their data safe and compliant

The problem   Need to overcome language barriers while staying compliant

Our client, a leading CRO operating and servicing sponsors globally needed to enable multiple parts of its organization and many employees to access instant translation solutions while keeping data in full compliance. 

The challenge is not easy, as there are very few options that comply with all their requirements:

  • Quality needed to be high, as most of their operations entail direct impact on human lives

  • The data needed to be protected, and free online tools were never an option. HIPAA or GDPR compliance are just examples of immediate breach if any employee was to use those tools.

  • The solution needed to include the option for certified translations done by healthcare expert linguists

  • The software needed to be easy to roll out, cost efficient and easy to integrate into some of their systems

The solution   Linguamatics translate, instant translation for healthcare

Linguamatics created its unique AI enabled machine translation to answer the needs of healthcare today and tomorrow. 

Linguamatics translate includes many features that did resonate with our client:

  • Deep integration of systems, teams and processes within many sensitive parts of the organization, including safety monitoring
  • Data safety in compliance with the highest requirements including HIPAA and GDPR
  • Highest quality on any clinical content thanks to proprietary engines trained solely for clinical data
  • Versatility across teams thanks to multi-engine approach and content routing to the best possible engine, a unique feature developed by Linguamatics, allowing many teams including corporate teams to use the portal and benefit from the highest quality
  • Certified translation by Linguamatics expert linguists at the push of a button
  • Advanced UX, designed to be adopted and used by anyone with no training

Results   Rollout to 1,000+ happy users

Following rollout of Linguamatics translate, our client has been able to achieve their goal:

  • Seamless roll-out: to over 1,000 users across all geographies, in many business units, including some that can now offer enhanced language capabilities for their sponsor clients
  • Time and cost reduction: with implementation instant translation in business units which previously has use of a 3rd party translation vendor for all language needs, which now are handled instantly at a fraction of the cost
  • Continuous data compliance: avoiding all risks of use of free translation tools by any employee, thanks to Linguamatics secured solution implemented with re-routing from any online search for free translation tools by any employee
  • Certified translation accessed on demand: through the user portal, any user can now request certification from an expert linguist at the push of a button