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Reduce the cost of globalization

Lower the cost 
of your translations

Technology and volume leverage for enhanced efficiencies 


benefits   Efficiencies that benefit you

AI and automation
AI & automation
AI models trained by and for healthcare and life-science data sets for high quality and lower operating cost
cost reduction
Cost efficiencies
Engineered workflows and translation memories built to turn high volumes into cost efficiencies
Integrated systems and peer-to-peer consultative servicing, allowing users to save a lot of time for more critical tasks

Our solution   Translation costs that don't break the bank

Linguamatics developed a unique approach based on our experience working in and for the healthcare and life sciences industry.
We designed solutions and workflows that help automate what needs to be, that integrate easily because built for healthcare, and ultimately allow your organization to save millions on all translation needs.

We walked that path so you don’t have to: solutions built for efficiencies

Our leadership team has been pioneering in clinical and healthcare commercialization globalization, innovating for years, trying to find the right model and partners to achieve efficient linguistic models to scale healthcare and life sciences across languages in the most meaningful way. 

Linguamatics is the result of all these years of practice: higher efficiencies, finally resulting in improved bottom lines for your global operations. 



Linguamatics leadership

Some examples of how Linguamatics can offer game-changing savings:

  • Use of fit-for-purpose automation: adequate use of machine translation and natural language processing to bring efficiencies for suitable content, reducing human intervention and bringing cost down.
  • Centralization capabilities: translation management system and programs designed to centralize all translation needs from all parts of your organization, and fully leverage volume and technology efficiencies.
  • Content-reuse: translation memories and terminology management-building to allow your organization to never pay twice for the same translation, ultimately providing massive cost reductions over time. 
  • Volume efficiencies: established technology, memories and linguists set up to manage higher volumes help reduce significantly all fixed costs and provide transferable savings that you will benefit from as the volume of translation needs increases.
  • Deep integration: our workflows are designed for deep integration, meaning translations are requested and received within your operating systems, allowing important time and productivity savings with your teams, resulting in cost reductions.
cost efficient translations

Insights   How the cost of translations can add up, and how to drastically reduce it

Decentralized and unstructured translation processes: 

Globalization means translations, but they tend to be overlooked and a vast quantity be done “under the radar” of global operations and procurement. This results in local divisions handling translations in sub-optimized set ups, which can result in a massive loss of synergies. 

Translations offer large volume leverage, as well as quality control, when centralized through technology. Translation memory often results in 40 to 50% cost reduction over time, and other efficiencies such as linguistic AI can be added at enterprise level, saving millions in translation costs. 

Low language technology leverage and legacy models cannibalization: 

With the current state of technology, a lot of translation types can benefit from automation, resulting in drastic efficiencies. As it cannibalizes legacy delivery model with higher price point, these models are not always promoted, resulting in lost opportunities for customers. Linguamatics’ delivery model is built to leverage AI when customers most benefit from it, redistributing immediate costs savings vs previous models and providers. 

Generic providers’ delivery model: 

Cost management also largely depends on overall efficiencies, quality, project management and consultative service. Working with a partner who understands the specific nature and depth of healthcare and life science can help save large amounts of time, anticipate and avoid potential mistakes, resulting as well in significant savings. 

reduce cost of translations