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Consumer health

Optimize your consumer reach, anywhere

Fast, reliable and cost-efficient translation solutions for consumer health products and services


Benefits   Why team up with Linguamatics?

Unique industry expertise and local understanding of markets
fast translations
Speed & efficiency
Technology-driven workflows built for speed and cost efficiencies that you benefit from
Local regulatory expertise to drive and maintain compliance at all times

Our solution   Launch and manage global campaigns

Omnichannel marketing localization 

Full range of solutions to effectively adapt marketing campaigns, product information, and customer communications to connect with diverse audiences across different languages and cultures.  

By ensuring linguistic and cultural accuracy, our solutions enable brands to build strong connections with consumers, enhance brand loyalty, and drive sales globally.  

From website localization to social media campaigns, Linguamatics powers your brands to deliver personalized and impactful messaging, creating a seamless and engaging omnichannel experience for consumers, anywhere you target them. 


marketing translations

Software localization  

Linguamatics' solutions help adapt your software to different languages and cultures, delivering a user-friendly experience that resonates with consumers worldwide.  

By accurately translating and culturally adapting the software's functionality, user interface, and content, Linguamatics helps you drive user satisfaction, boosts adoption rates, and fuels business growth in all your target markets. 


Global medical information & customer support 

Linguamatics offers a full range of language solutions to deliver exceptional service to customers around the world. Your customer support and experience teams can effectively communicate with customers in their preferred language, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.  

From knowledge base translation to instant chat or ticketing system translation, your teams can be located anywhere yet connect in a personal way with your customers and consumers globally.



Technology   The language technology for global market reach

Our language technology has been designed for the unique requirements of our industry, with enhanced security and integration capabilities. 

We created our solutions so that those who innovate for global health and patients across the world could rely on the best possible language solutions.

Language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our translation management system, designed for life science to maximize speed, quality and integration capabilities while ensuring end-to-end data compliance.  

It allows all your operations and teams that require language solutions to obtain them in a few clicks, while maintaining strict compliance and reducing costs.  

It integrates into all your systems including DAM, PIM, CRM and any other brand activation system. 


Translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secured and compliant instant translation solution allowing all your employees and systems to communicate in any language, securely: 

  • Translate all your UIs instantaneously, have them reviewed by a professional linguist in the loop, on demand 
  • Enable customer and tech support in any language, through instant ticketing or chat translation, or create multilingual chatbots 


secure machine translation

Linguamatics NLP

Linguamatics NLP is our proprietary Natural Language Processing technology, developed for life science use cases, and enabling unmatched efficiencies in data mining and information structuring, such as social listening or voice of the customer applications. 


natural language processing

Insights   Five tactics to optimize global customer support with a solid localization program

Implementing a localization program for customer support in the consumer health space requires a structured approach, to ensure effective communication and exceptional customer experiences across different languages and cultures.

The checklist for a global customer support program

  1. Start by conducting a thorough analysis of customer support needs, identifying target languages and regions.  
  2. Collaborate with a specialized language service provider (LSP) that understands the nuances of the consumer health industry.  
  3. Develop clear guidelines and processes for translating and localizing customer support content, including FAQs, knowledge base articles, and communication templates.  
  4. Utilize technology solutions for efficient translation management and workflow automation.  
  5. Regularly monitor customer satisfaction metrics and gather feedback to continuously improve the localization program.  

By implementing a robust localization program for customer support, consumer health brands can build trust, enhance customer loyalty, and deliver exceptional service tailored to the needs of diverse global audiences. 

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