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Clinical research organizations

Out-of-the-box language solutions 
for CROs and their sponsors

Packaged translation and language solutions for scaling clinical trials across languages and geographies 


Benefits   Why team up with Linguamatics?

Seamless integration
Designed to integrate and fit in your clinical operating model
Speed & efficiencies
Designed to accelerate roll out and management while generating high cost savings
Built for partnership
Engineered for partnership and opportunities to generate easy additional profits

Our solution   Drive revenue while enhancing sponsors’ experience

Simplify and accelerate translation management of clinical trials

Linguamatics pre-set and proven clinical translation delivery model enables faster recruitment of participants, quicker data analysis, and more timely regulatory submissions, ultimately expediting the development and approval of life-saving treatments and therapies. Available on demand and in any languages. 


Linguistic validation of COAs and eCOA migration

End-to-end solution for localizing and validating COAs from and to any language and culture, as well as ensuring proper migration on eCOA formats. 


Equip all operations and employees with solutions fit for purpose and easy to roll out 

Onboard all employees who require translations on a safe and data compliant environment, while reducing rising costs in managing multilingual content. Equip all your operations with the ability to scale across languages and cultures safely, at the push of a button



Technology   The language technology for clinical trials

Linguamatics designed its technology suite with clinical trials in mind. Our purpose is to offer an off-the-shelf solution to scale clinical trials across any language, geography and regulatory barrier, faster, simpler and more cost efficiently.

Get in touch with a Linguamatics expert to find out how your organization can now provide sponsors with best in class language solutions for their global trials, while reducing costs on their end.


language technology for clinical trials

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our translation management system designed for clinical trials to maximize speed, quality and integration capabilities while ensuring end-to-end data compliance. It allows all your operations and teams that requires language solutions to obtain them in a few clicks, while maintaining strict compliance and reducing costs.  

It integrates in all your system and can be rolled out for your sponsors’ teams or on site teams to access simply and on demand. 


Translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secured and compliant instant translation system allowing all your employee and system to communicate in any language, securely, for some applications such as: 

  • Integrate into global safety monitoring and adverse event monitoring protocols 
  • Empowering decentralized trial teams 
  • Risk base monitoring groups enablement 
  • Enabling offshore centers of excellence to operate in any language 


Secure machine translation

Linguamatics NLP

Linguamatics NLP is our proprietary Natural Language Processing technology developed for life sciences' use cases and enabling unmatched efficiencies in data mining for clinical research and operations.  



Insights   Why CROs should select pure-player language providers

The language service providers (LSPs) space is crowded, and many claim to have the right expertise to work with CROs. However, when it comes to coping with all the requirements our industry - speed, quality, data compliance or user experience - expertise cannot only be a statement.

Choosing an LSP partner that exclusively specializes in servicing the life science industry offers significant advantages: 

  • The provider understands the unique complexities and regulatory requirements of clinical trials, enabling it to develop technology and processes specifically for this field bringing a lot of efficiencies 
  • Specialist LSPs prioritize staying up to date with industry-specific advancements, ensuring that their processes and technology are tailored to the current, but also future needs of clinical trials.  
  • The compliance level that CROs are exposed to is not matched in any other industry. Only a pure player in that space can guarantee that its entire operating model matches the compliance expectations.  

This focused approach not only brings speed and cost efficiency but also instills confidence in maintaining data compliance and confidentiality throughout the translation process.