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Achieving patient centricity at scale

Inclusive, patient-centric, 

Solutions for global centricity and inclusion


Benefits   Simplifying global patient centricity and inclusion

all in one
From Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) to patient engagement or device content localization, unique access to all required solutions for centricity across any language and culture
accessibility services
Content made accessible across impairments and disabilities, on any media or channels
easy rollout
Easy rollout
Out-of-the-box solutions built for patient facing material localization, integrated in patient-related content ecosystems & processes

Our solution   All-in-one solution for reaching any patient inclusively, anywhere, through any channel

Deploy patient centricity on a global scale with adapted language solutions

Being patient-centric and inclusive starts with the ability to establish a relationship. Language and ability barriers are the 1st step toward that relationship, and we believe this should not be the hardest step, quite the opposite.

Linguamatics was founded with the ambition of simplifying access to language and accessibility solutions for healthcare and life sciences professionals:

  • With translation and localization solutions designed for healthcare and life sciences: break down language barriers effortlessly, ensuring crucial healthcare information, educational resources, and patient engagement initiatives resonate across all target audiences in the world
  • With accessibility strategy and remediation: be inclusive of patients with impairments and compliant with the most stringent regulations (ADA, 508, WCAG, EU directives) to overcome any communication barriers across all channels


global patient centricity

Insights   How Language and accessibility solutions foster patient centricity and inclusion


Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) and their eCOA equivalents represent one of the most sensitive parts of the clinical localization process. Because it touches the core of cultural adaptation, making sure patients can understand the full extent of the data point being collected, and providing accurate answer. Understanding the target culture is key, and needs to be accounted for by leveraging the right partner. 

Localized marketing and enablement

Tailoring content to the linguistic, cultural, and regulatory nuances of diverse markets enhances engagement and resonates deeply with local audiences.  

This precision builds trust, navigates compliance intricacies, and ensures that critical information is conveyed accurately. By adopting the right localization strategy, businesses gain a competitive edge, establish credibility, and forge meaningful connections with stakeholders worldwide, propelling them towards success in the global healthcare and life science landscape. 

Self-serve information in a decentralized environment

Decentralization in healthcare delivery models means placing information consumer and users at the top of the key success factors list. Knowledge management represents important investment, which can only be leveraged at its full extent when translated and culturally appropriate. Localization solutions, software testing, and linguistic testing are amongst the solutions to consider for enabling knowledge to flow globally.