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Accelerate global market reach

Raise the speed
of global efforts

On-demand scalability across languages, cultures and regulatory bodies


benefits   Solutions built for the new pace

easy rollout
Easy rollout
Out-of-the-box technology-enabled solutions built for fast implementation
easy use
Easy use
Integrated workflows and state-of-the-art UX for stress-free collaboration
AI, automation and scoped workflows designed for speed in and out

Our solution   Translations that don't slow you down

Linguamatics took a different approach to language solutions: out-of-the-box technology built for healthcare & life sciences.
We designed solutions and workflows which provide easier and faster access to any language requirement, while ensuring full end to end compliance and safety for your data.

How Linguamatics brings you speed

  • Integration in your systems: no time loss sending, receiving, and calibrating requests; our pre-established integrated workflows allow for translation requests to be sent at the push of a button
  • Optimized user experience: because we know our industry in depth, our solutions are easy to roll out and use by any employee; no need for intermediates or trainings
  • Fit-for-purpose machine translation: used for appropriate content, with selected and trained engines, to maximize quality while drastically cutting turnaround time
  • Natural Language Processing technology: automating data processing of vast amounts of content, cutting heavy manual processes into instant results
  • Consultative approach: Linguamatics is managed by healthcare and life-science veterans. From clinical to commercialization, we have implemented language solutions for ourselves before founding Linguamatics. Because we know what works and what does not, you save time by accessing the right solution every time at the first try.


fast translations

The Linguamatics difference

Because the impact of technology is only as good as its relevance for specific applications, Linguamatics technology is developed for healthcare and life sciences specific use cases. 

By blending advanced natural language processing, domain-specific terminology management and machine learning models, we enable rapid and accurate translation of critical documents, accelerate regulatory submissions and efficient knowledge-sharing, ultimately expediting the entire product development process from discovery to market launch. 


Insights   How better language solutions contribute to global time to market

  • Research & Development

    Setting up the translation operation for global R&D efforts or trials is usually a tedious process. Linguamatics designed pre-built workflows and custom technology for research and clinical trials quick turnaround time. Linguamatics translate's AI engines, built and trained with R&D and clinical content, brings unmatched speed to the process. 

  • Marketing launch

    Promotion & enablement localization is key for successful global market launches. Out-of-the-box workflows, simply integrated in the content ecosystem (DAM, PIM, CRM, CMS, etc.), save weeks in global roll-out...and weeks can mean millions. 

  • Regulatory compliance 

    The EUCTR challenged the regulatory timeline for local submissions, which mandates for certified translations to be handled a lot faster. Safety monitoring also requires a very short timeframe of submission and, in many markets and languages, it becomes critical to implement the right solution. 

fast translations