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Safety & pharmacovigilance

Safety and pharmacovigilance, anywhere

Pre-built technology and processes for quick and efficient rollout of safety monitoring across any language and regulatory bodies


Expert solutions   What Linguamatics brings

Agile scalability
Built and tested for the highest level of pressure from volume, speed and set-up angles. We have delivered covid vaccine safety monitoring
Speed & efficiency
Unique mix of NLP and NMT technologies in pre-built workflows for accelerated access and turnaround
Quality & compliance
Safety and pharmacovigilance expertise to guarantee your compliance globally and locally

Our solution   Global pharmacovigilance, simplified

Expertise   Safety linguistic expertise

Linguamatics experts have unmatched knowledge of language, culture, and regulatory requirements to enable scaling of safety monitoring documents, adverse event reports, and regulatory submissions across any languages: 

  • Linguists with the right domain expertise ensuring the precise translation of medical terminology and maintaining consistency across multiple languages
  • In-house local subject matter experts well versed in the specific regulations and guidelines governing pharmacovigilance in different countries, ensuring compliance and adherence to local reporting standards
  • Workflows and SOPs designed to bridge communication gaps and facilitate effective safety monitoring in the global pharmacovigilance landscape
safety translations

Technology   Speed, agility & compliance, anywhere

Linguamatics technology suite allows safety and pharmacovigilance systems to scale across any languages easily, safely and in a timely manner

language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our single entry portal allowing portal submission or system integration for sending any safety documents securely and tracking all ongoing projects and cost savings. 

Our safety and pharmacovigilance workflows are pre-integrated, for easy rollout and maximum scalability.


Translation management

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secured and compliant neuro machine translation solution provides the automatic translation necessary for efficient analysis and processing of pharmacovigilance data in various languages, facilitating cross-border collaboration and information-sharing among healthcare professionals, regulators, and pharmaceutical companies.  

Linguamatics technology allows for faster and more accurate identification, assessment, and reporting of adverse drug reactions, ultimately enhancing patient safety on a global scale. 


Machine translation

Linguamatics NLP

Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and text mining techniques support the efficient analysis and processing of pharmacovigilance data. 

Linguamatics NLP coupled with Linguamatics translate, enables quick identification and extraction of relevant information from large volumes of multilingual adverse event reports, enabling timely detection of potential safety concerns. 



Advancing drug safety with natural language processing

In unlocking structured insights from unstructured text, natural language processing (NLP) can be used to optimize safety platforms and lower clinical development costs. NLP has broad and powerful applicability across the entire drug safety life cycle, including case processing and medical coding (e.g., to the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities, or MedDRA), as well as in the identification, extraction and review of adverse event (AE) information in medical literature.

Value of NLP within safety vigilance

Key capabilities include:

  • Effective and rapid search over a wealth of scientific literature, FDA approval reviews, drug labels, FAERS and more.
  • Identification of adverse events in context, and mapping to MedDRA.
  • Unlocking the high-value information in your legacy safety reports, from preclinical toxicology, pathology reports, clinical investigator brochures, and more.
  • Safety-focused ontologies related to diseases, drugs and dosages, adverse events, biomarkers, species, tissues, patients, populations, and more

Case study   Global pharmacovigilance