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Corporate & support groups

All corporate translation needs, centralized

Secured centralized technology with built-in workflows for all corporate and support functions’ needs


Expert solutions   What Linguamatics brings

High quality
Specialized workflows & expert linguist for each type of documents
fast translation
Technology-enabled solutions for faster turnaround, including instant translations
cost efficiency
Cost efficiency
Optimized UX & centralization for content reuse and lower cost of use

Our solution   All in one solution for corporate translation needs

Linguamatics has developed a full range of solutions for each corporate and support functions, so you can rely on fast, qualitative and cost-efficient translations through a simple portal
  • Legal: all your inside and outside counsels' documents, contracts, patents or litigation related data 
  • HR: Hiring, onboarding, training and compliance documentation 
  • Corporate Communications: Internal and external corporate announcement, PR, social  
  • Investor communications: all financial reports and investor documents, as well as ESG reports and any official communication to markets 
  • Employee engagement & communications: compliant instant translation for chats, emails and presentations 

Centralizing all your linguistic need with Linguamatics will help maintain compliance across the board while saving up to millions in translation costs. 

translation services for corporate

Technology   Translation made simple

Access any language solution you need in a few clicks, always safe and compliant with your data security guidelines.

Linguamatics technology allows your organization to benefit from massive efficiencies, while providing all employees with reliable and compliant language solutions at their fingertips. 

Language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our single-entry portal allowing any employee with access to seamlessly send documents for translation or request language solutions for any other needs. It provides them with project overviews, updates, and keeps track of spendings.

Our system also integrated in all content ecosystem such as intranets, legal systems,  corporate communications (CMS, DAM,..), e-learning (LMS) and many others.


translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is our secured and compliant instant translation system your teams need: communicate across countries from and to any language instantaneously.  Linguamatics translate also integrates in systems to provide instant translation when most needed: internal chats, emails, or any document storing and sharing systems.



Secure machine translation

Insights   How legal translations can become one of the highest costs in an organization

Often time, thanks to internal audits or cost cutting exercises, organizations realize with surprise that Legal translations can be a significant financial burden. This is mostly due to the fact that they outsource translation to their law firms, and lose optimization leverage: 

  • Law firms typically outsource legal translations to translation agencies with no organized framework or technology leverage, so get charged with premium rates
  • Law firms also charge their clients for the time and effort spent coordinating and reviewing the translations at their regular hourly rate, which is incomparably higher than the usual project management cost for translations 

A simple solution is to leverage your own enterprise level agency for translation needs, which can be directly coordinated with your law firm through an adequate technology framework that leverages translation memories and machine translation to maximize speed and cost efficiencies.  

Legal translations