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Scale your capabilities across languages 

Fast, reliable and cost-efficient language solutions to integrate your systems and make your offering multilingual


Benefits   Why integrate Linguamatics?

Healthcare expertise
Higher quality on all use cases, even the most sensitive
fast translations
Speed & efficiencies
Technology-driven workflows built for deep integration, speed and cost efficiencies
data safety
Data safety
Highest degree of data compliance keeping your content and users safe

Our solution   Engage with users in their own language

Secured high-quality Instant translations for analytics 

Integrated secured machine translation technology, to enable analytics to show its full potential across multiple languages, in cases such as global safety monitoring and pharmacovigilance, sentiment analysis, or any big data analytics. 


Highly specialized translations for patient-related content 

Technology-enabled and deep integration of highly specialized translation workflows involving expert linguists for patient-facing or sensitive content contained in eCOA solutions, connected devices, health tech software or hardware, or any system requiring high precision and accuracy.  


Instant translation and interpreting for patient communication 

Linguamatics translate offers the ability to integrate secured and qualified instant healthcare translations into any patient-facing systems, should you need to facilitate access to care in telemedicine, or in any self-serving knowledge repository.

technology localization

Technology   Language technology built for integration

Our language technology has been designed for the unique requirements of our industry, with enhanced security and integration capabilities. 

We created our solutions so that those who innovate for global health and patients across the world could rely on the best possible language solutions.

language technology

Linguamatics hub

Linguamatics hub is our translation management system allows the consolidation of all relevant language solutions in a centralized portal, which can integrate into all your systems.  


translation management system

Linguamatics translate

Linguamatics translate is a secure and compliant instant translation solution which can be integrated into systems and processes where vast amounts of multilingual data need to be translated instantaneously. It is fit for many use from analytics to customer support and breaks down language barriers extremely efficiently.

Linguamatics translate is fully compliant with the highest standards in data security, and leverages engines trained on healthcare and clinical data to provide higher quality than standard machine translation. 


secure machine translation

Linguamatics NLP

Linguamatics NLP is our proprietary Natural Language Processing technology developed for life science use cases and enabling unmatched efficiencies in data mining and information structuring. 


Natural language processing