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Linguamatics translate

Instant, secure, reliable translations

Linguamatics translate – Healthcare and life sciences AI-enabled machine translation


Benefits   Access and distribute information faster, globally

data safe
Safe & accurate
Pre-trained engines, calibrated routing system for maximizing quality output, secured and compliant data management
easy to use
Easy to roll out & use
Simplified user experience and integrated certification workflows to cover all your needs in a few clicks
Fast & cost efficient
High-quality instant translation without the high cost and hassle

Our solution   Instant translations for healthcare and life sciences specifically

Linguamatics translate was created solely for healthcare and life sciences, so industry experts can have the most secure and easiest access to instant translations they can trust.
  • Secured and compliant: proprietary data protection layer designed for regulated environments to protect data confidentiality. Additionally, the content is not stored anywhere or exposed to the public cloud. 
  • All-in-one best technology: Linguamatics translate includes the best machine translation engines selected for our industry needs. Through the portal, you access the latest and best-performing engines in the market, so your content benefits from the best engines, and not only our proprietary ones, should they not be the best fit. 
  • Easy access to certification: for documents requiring human certification (patient facing, regulatory, etc.), simple access to professional expert linguists for fast turnaround. 
  • Integrated terminology management: built-in terminology management capabilities, so your teams can control desired output on some terminology. 
  • Instantaneous, in format: push documents in a couple of clicks and instantaneously receive them translated, in the same format as the original.


machine translation

Insights   Why are free machine translation systems a high risk?

While these tools may seem convenient and cost-effective, they actually represent some high risks for your organization if your employees use them: 

  • They compromise data security and confidentiality, as they often store and process sensitive information on external servers, breaching compliance at many levels including GDPR. 
  • They lack the necessary accuracy and specialized domain knowledge required in our industry, which can result in severe consequences on patient care, research outcomes, and compliance with regulatory standards.  

Healthcare and life science professionals require secured machine translation systems with trained and fit-for-purpose engines to maximise output quality. For certain documentation (patient facing or regulated) they also need to add a certification layer done by a professional and trained linguist.