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Interpreting & transcription

Interpreting and transcription, anywhere, anytime and in any language

Solutions for interpreting and transcription in healthcare and life science situations


benefits   Industry-focused interpreting & transcribing

Industry expertise
Professional linguists expert in healthcare and life sciences
On-demand services anywhere, anytime
digital interpretation
Future proofed
Solutions fit for the digital workplace

Our solution   Interpreting for healthcare and life sciences

Making sure a patient understands what is happening to them when managing their condition is so important to helping them feel safe and cared for.

With 30,000+ professionally trained interpreters globally and an international network of interpreting equipment suppliers, Linguamatics provides interpreting solutions for your needs at any time of the day.

Over the phone 

Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) connects participants through a phone call, while video remote interpreting (VRI) connects them through live video. Both OPI and VRI can be on demand or for pre-planned meetings, and our professional interpreters are available 24/7 for hundreds of languages. 


In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to short segments of speech, making notes if necessary. The speaker pauses after a few sentences for the interpreter to relay the message to the listener. This type of interpreting is recommended for one-on-one situations or small group discussions, such as medical consultations. 


Instantaneous, simultaneous interpreting allows participants to speak naturally without pausing. An interpreter translates the conversation in real time, relaying the speaker’s message to the listener as it is being spoken. This type of interpreting is ideal for investigator meetings. 

Sign language 

Sign language interpreting helps participants using sign language communicate with those using spoken language. All global sign languages (ASL, BSL, CSL/ZGS, DGS) are supported. 


interpreting services

Our solution   Healthcare transcription services

Transcription services help deliver text from any form of speech or audio format. It could be live speech, digital audio files, video, or any other format.

Linguamatics provides industry expert transcription services to ensure fast turnaround with the highest level of accuracy. 

What are the different types of transcription? 

  • Verbatim transcription: word-for-word transcription which includes all utterances 
  • Intelligent transcription: A transcription which excludes all unnecessary utterances and filler words. 
  • Edited transcription: A optimized transcription excluding all unnecessary utterances, fillers and non-standard language or repeated words. 
Transcription services