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Linguistic validation & eCOA migration

Clinical Outcome Assessments
in any language

Translation of Clinical Outcome Assessments and eCOA migration


Benefits   Translate COAs more simply

Therapeutic expertise
Therapeutic expertise
Unmatched wealth of clinical knowledge and expertise
Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency
Optimized linguistic validation workflows and integrated capabilities for efficiency
Dedicated teams, technologies, and pre-built libraries for faster turnaround

Our solution   Optimize the translation of your Clinical Outcome Assessments

Linguistic validation: we follow the EMA- and FDA-recommended ISPOR Principles of Good Practice for the Translation and Cultural Adaptation Process for Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Measures.

Your PROs are culturally and linguistically equivalent across languages and cultures, so that your study results are comparable and meaningful.  

We work with a network of vetted specialized and experienced linguists, translators, and reviewers who are native speakers of the target languages and have the required expertise in your therapeutic area. 

eCOA migration: leverage the power of electronic data capture to streamline your data collection, reduce errors and missing data, and increase patient compliance and satisfaction.  

We can migrate your existing paper-based PROs to the platform of your choice, or recommend a solution based on some of the following requirements:  

  • Multiple modes of administration (e.g. Web, Tablet, Smartphone, BYOD)  
  • Real-time data monitoring 
  • Automatic data cleaning and analysis  

We can also help you design custom electronic forms that are tailored to your study needs and requirements. 


Linguistic validation

eCOA library collaboration

Linguamatics brings decades of experience managing clinical trials on the global stage, so we know how critical it is to be able to quickly enable the setting up of eCOAs. 

Our eCOA library contains over 1,700 pre-configured assessments from partners who are copyrights holders, from organization and individual authors. Access to assessments that are already validated, localized and pre-approved brings immediate benefits: you can deploy studies faster, anywhere. 


eCOA library

Insights   What is Linguistic validation?

Linguistic validation is a critical step in clinical trials, particularly those that involve multinational and multicultural patient populations: it refers to the process of adapting Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs), such as a questionnaire or survey, from its original language to the language of the target population.

The process involves ensuring that the translated version of the instrument accurately captures the intended meaning, is culturally fitting, and is understandable to the target population. 

Failure to properly linguistically validate instruments results in inaccurate data, misinterpretation of results, and ultimately compromises the scientific integrity of the trial. 
Linguistic validation is crucial, and choosing a reliable provider is essential to ensure that clinical trial data is reliable, valid, and can be used to inform treatment decisions. 

Linguistic validation